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11 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Dyeing Your Hair at Home

There’s no getting around the fact that homemade hair dyes can be challenging. Theoretically, you should be able to pick up a box of hair colour at Target and emerge out of your bathroom with a brand new (and flawless) hair colour; however, there is no doubt that there is room for error in this process. Not only is it necessary to adhere to the appropriate after-care routine to maintain your look, but the instructions printed on the back of the hair dye box can be extremely unclear sometimes.

To assist you, we enlisted the aid of a number of the best celebrity hair colourists in the business to provide you with advice on how to dye your hair in the comfort of your home in the most effective manner. Be sure to keep their professional advice in mind before picking up a box of at-home hair dye at the drugstore, your neighbourhood beauty supply store, or even when shopping online for such products.

1. Consult your Colourist for Guidance on Selecting the Appropriate Colour Levels

Patrice Vinci, the owner of the eponymous Patrice Vinci Salon in Boston, is a celebrity hair colourist who recommends consulting with your colourist before colouring your hair or in a hurry. This is true whether you intend to colour your hair on your own or if you find yourself in a bind and need to colour your hair immediately.

According to Vinci, “This is valuable information that dedicated beauty supply stores like Sally’s will use to guide you to the proper colour for your needs.” Sally’s is an example of such a store.

2. Evaluate the Rate of Your Hair Growth

“Rather than going by the colour on the box, or the ends of your hair, focus on your regrowth (roots) as the guide in choosing a colour by the box,” says Vinci. “roots are where the colour is going to show up.” “What percentage of the grey do you need to cover up? This is extremely important for the application process, as you should only cover the grey areas of your hair and leave the rest of your hair untouched until the final ten minutes of the treatment time.”

According to Vinci, doing so will also prevent colour build-up on the hair and give your at-home colour a more professional appearance.

3. When Colouring Grey Hair, Choose a Semi-Permanent Dye Rather than Permanent

Patricio Jardines, a hair colourist at Eliut Salon, suggests using a semi-permanent colour rather than a permanent dye if you want to add colour to grey hair. If you are interested in this service, click here. According to Jardines, “This will blend hair with minimal damage, particularly because it needs to be treated more frequently.”

4. Keep in Mind That Some People Have Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright, also the founder of Muze Hair, has a great tip: Include a pinch of your preferred artificial sweetener.

If you have susceptible skin and are dying something at home, she recommends adding one packet of Sweet ‘N Low sugar to the dye. This will reduce the drying effects of any ammonia in the dye. “No matter what shade or hue you’re going for,” she says. Dryness and skin irritation are reduced thanks to the Sweet ‘N Low’s acid content, which helps neutralise the skin’s pH level.

5. Take it a Little Bit Lighter

Jardines recommends that if you want to change your hair colour using a box dye, you should select a shade that is either a shade and a half lighter or a shade lighter than your natural hair colour. He says this takes precautions to ensure you avoid ending up with a colour inconsistent with your natural complexion.

6. Pay Attention When Working With Hot Tools

Wright advises that you refrain from using hot styling tools for at least a week before attempting to dye your hair at home. You should do this if you are going to experiment with dying your hair at home.

According to Wright, “the heat that is generated by straighteners, curling irons, and blows dryers causes strands to become brittle, dry, and damaged, which does not result in vibrant colour.”

7. Don’t Restrict the Range of Products you can Purchase

Vinci recommends going to a beauty supply store like Sally’s Beauty Supply if you try dyeing your hair at home. If you are going to Target for your necessities, consider going to a beauty supply store instead.

“The majority of beauty supply stores employ hair professionals or hair students, and they have a better understanding of the complicated world of hair colour,” she says. “The majority of beauty supply stores also carry hair products.” “Either armed with a colour level and any other information that a hair colourist has shared with you or going it solo, beauty supply store representatives can focus on products to make solid recommendations in meeting your colour needs.”

Plus, according to Vinci, the products sold in these stores are typical of salon quality.

8. Invest in a Particular Type of Shampoo

If you have yet to hear of purple shampoo to keep your blonde and light colours looking fresh, you’ll want to listen to this tip from Danielle Lint, an expert hair colourist at Warren Tricomi Salons. Danielle Lint recommends using purple shampoo to keep your blonde and light colours looking fresh.

According to her, “this keeps blonde hair brighter when it starts to turn the unwanted yellow or brassy colour,” and she says that this happens when it turns yellow or brassy. Consider using the Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo instead. Choose a blue shampoo if you plan on having brown hair.

Although Lint does not advise her clients to try box colours or bleach at home, she says she is a fan of the temporary colour or solid upkeep products, such as colour-safe shampoo. “[It’s] the absolute best way to maintain colour and look your best until your next visit,” she says. “[It’s] the absolute best way to maintain colour and look your best.”

9. Apply some Vaseline along the Edge of your Hairline

Do you want to prevent colour from staining your skin? According to Cindy Lopez, a celebrity hair colourist, Vaseline should be applied around the hairline to avoid stains.

10. Distribute the Color Using Sections

Lopez says that while she does not recommend applying colour at home if you are strapped for time, you will want to ensure that you part your hair in sections before applying paint. This is because she does not recommend using colour at home.

She says that this makes applying the colour more accessible and helps distribute it evenly throughout the skin.

11. Selecting a Root Touch-Up Product Instead of Full Color Should Not Make You Afraid, Despite What You May Have Heard

Lint recommends picking up a temporary hair colour spray that covers the grey if you don’t want to dye your hair at home but is okay with hiding some of the greys until you can get to the salon. This spray can be purchased at most beauty supply stores. The hairstylist gushes about how much she adores the Paris Magic Root Cover-Up Spray by L’Oreal.

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