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12 Comb Over Fade Hairs Styles For Modern Men

The combover fade is a timeless hairstyle seen on the heads of royalty and icons in Hollywood. This hairdo, which peaked in popularity in the 1920s, will be around for a while. The combover is no longer a hairstyle only seen in people obsessed with the past; instead, it has made a comeback as an innovative and sophisticated option for men’s hair.

 The classic haircut is given a contemporary update as a fade, transforming it into a stylish and edgy opportunity for any modern man to consider. Why not give the combover and fade a shot? This is the ideal style for people with hair of any length or thickness, so what are you waiting for? The following is a rundown of the most effective combover fades for contemporary man’s hair.

1. Combination of Comb Over and High Fade

This high fade and short hair combo is a timeless and dashing option, and it works particularly well for men who already have short hair. Start by creating a clean part down the middle of your hair, then comb all of your hair to one Side. You can tame a cowlick by smoothing the rogue hairs in the direction that the cowlick naturally follows. If you have a cowlick, this will help. It would be best if you weren’t afraid to add some texture to your hair with a pomade because it will give it more oomph and volume. This hairstyle is an excellent option for those working in an office setting, but it’s still edgy enough for you to rock it at a bar or club.

2. Comb Over followed by a Mid Fade 3

The mid fade begins approximately in the middle of your neck, striking an ideal balance between the high fade and the low fade. Along the same lines as the Taper, the mid-fade gradually transitions from short to long hair on top. 

Keep the length short on top and use gel to style it, so it stays in place for a look that requires little maintenance. You can let it grow out, add some texture with pomade, and then add a hard part to give it a vintage edge if you’re looking for something that requires a little more work.

3. Comb Over followed by a Low Fade 4

The low fade starts at a lower point to the ears than the high fade. A low fade is a classic option for the office, but it is also edgy enough to wear out for a night on the town. It is a contrast to the traditional hairstyle of a gentleman. If your hair is medium length or longer, you can switch things up by styling it into a pompadour, slick back, or classic combover. If your hair is shorter than medium length, you can leave it as is.

4. Comb Over, followed by a Fade to the Taper

By gradually thinning it out, you can ensure the fade is smooth down to your neck. The traditional fade is shorter than the Taper fade, which is an excellent alternative if you want to shake things up and try something new. Put down the clippers and pick up the scissors to create a fade that gradually gets shorter. To complete the look, comb your hair to one side and use styling aids such as gel or pomade to keep it in place for the day.

5. Comb Over + Skin Fade

The skin fade is a haircut with short sides and a longer top, and it is ideal for men who work in more formal settings. This fade is a timeless style that lends itself well to incorporating daring modifications, such as a long comb over, and is also known as short, back, and sides.

To accomplish this look, you don’t need a lot of styling products; all you need is some gel or pomade with a medium level of hold. The skin fade combover is a perfect combination for people who want to switch up their appearance because it is both relaxed and laid-back at the same time.

6. Comb-Over-Fade Haircut Combined with Long Hair

This long combover hairstyle is a standard option because it is versatile and traditional. People with medium to long hair shouldn’t be afraid to try out a variety of fade lengths because they can liven up their appearance. Try out a skin fade or razor fade for an edgy look; it adds a sense of rebellion to an otherwise classic approach to styling one’s hair. 

A taper fade is a surefire way to get attention and keep it stylish, and it works particularly well for a beachy, casual style. To tame hair swept to the Side, a matte-finishing pomade or light-hold gel can be used; additionally, don’t be afraid to add some texture by working with clay.

7. Comb Over Fade + Line Up

This particular hairstyle is not only sexy and stylish but has also garnered a reputation for being suave. The combover fade with a lineup is a statement hairstyle that has gained popularity for a good reason. 

You can achieve the sleek side-swept style characteristic of this cut and the mid-fade by creating an intricate part in your hair and using a lot of gel. Make sure to use styling products with a firm hold if you have hair that is either curly or thick. It is recommended that people who have thin or fine hair use a product that thickens the strands rather than one that adds volume to the hair.

8. Short Comb Over + Razer Fade

This classic hairstyle is a mix of vintage fashion with a contemporary and up-to-date spin, making it the ideal choice for young men attending school or university. Maintain a skin-close finish down the back of the head and neck by keeping the hair on the back and sides of the head extremely short and giving it a high razor fade. 

You can get away with keeping the top of your hair short and combing it over to one Side. Make it look more put together and neat by using gel to keep it in place.

9. Comb Over Fade in Addition to Hard Part

This haircut features a traditional look with a contemporary twist, making it an excellent choice for the workplace. A fade is an ageless and classic hairstyle that combes hair of any length over to one Side. Your hair will have a more contemporary and edgy appearance due to the hard part; this cut is the ideal combination of two different eras in a single style.

Pomades are better suited to people who want more volume and texture in their hair, while the gel is a good choice for people who want a classic look with their hair. The gel is also a good choice for people who want to achieve a traditional hairstyle.

10. Comb Over, followed by a Bald Fade, then Line Up

This edgy haircut is sure to garner admiring glances for the right reasons. When blended with a hard part and lineup, a combination of bald fade and textured combover contrasts style, but when combined, it’s perfect. 

You can shake things up by positioning the Line so that it goes across the perimeter of your head rather than in the conventional Part of your hair. Utilize a mousse with a firm hold to create a combover full of volume and texture. This style is ideal for going to work, school, or university.

11. Comb Over Mid Fade + Side Part

This particular hairstyle is considered a classic for a good reason: it is both traditional and fashionable. The fade length known as a mid fade is a classic choice for those who spend their days in an academic or professional environment. When done with a textured comb over and a side part, you will have the ideal haircut for your head of hair. 

You can achieve the look of a textured comb over by using dry shampoo to add volume to your hair and then applying matte pomade to the ends of your hair in sections.

12. Comb Over followed by a Low Bald Fade

The best way to maintain the appearance of orderliness and cleanliness in your hair is to style it in a short, sleek combo. This haircut style looks great on men who work in construction or an office setting because it features a low bald fade. 

Because it requires little in the way of upkeep and can be worn in various ways, this haircut has recently garnered much attention. To create the appearance of slicked-back hair, comb your hair to one side and then set it with gel. To get people to call you by your last name, you must put on a suit and serve them martinis.

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