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8 Best Military And Army Hair Cuts For Men

Purified, traditional, and physical. If these words come to mind when you think of your ideal hairstyle, then you should ask your barber for a military haircut the next time you get your hair cut. The life of the quintessential well-dressed gentleman has been influenced in many ways by the military. 

The army has been a source of inspiration for gentlemen who like to project a themed aesthetic.

 This can be seen in sartorial choices, such as khaki tones and army vests, and in automobiles, such as military allusions from Jeep convertibles. We have compiled a list of the best military haircuts suitable for any man, regardless of his occupation.

1. Induction Cut, also known as the Buzz Cut

One of the most extreme examples of a military-inspired hairstyle is the “induction cut,” the standard haircut given to newly enlisted soldiers. It is interesting to note that traditionally, soldiers would have their hair cut this way to prevent the spread of head lice. 

This hairstyle, also known as the buzz cut, is ideal for people with square or oval face shapes, as these face shapes can accommodate little to no length in hairstyles. In addition to that, upkeep does not require any effort.

2. Fade

The fade haircut is a variation of the traditional undercut that features the back and sides being cut short around the neck area and then gradually growing out into longer and thicker hair on top. 

Although it is a regulation for service members in the military to keep their hair very short on top, you can modify this style to work with the length of your hair. To achieve various looks, try out various products for hairstyling and play around with different types of finishes.

3. Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is associated with the military and influenced by vintage collegiate style. This is because the Ivy League haircut originated in the United States Military. The hair on the sides and back is cut shorter, while the top is given a little bit more volume. This is a very versatile hairstyle. This is an excellent option for men who want something more refined and hairstyles that complement a preppy aesthetic.

4. A Close-Cut Crew

A military-inspired hairstyle that is tried and true is the crew cut, known as one of the most iconic military haircuts due to its easily recognizable shape and exact proportions. This cut is also fantastic for providing additional definition to the shape of your face.

 Even though all of the hair will be cut to conform to the contours of the head, the portion of hair that is cut to be the longest will be at the front of the hairline. A faithful adaptation of this cut will use its shorter proportions to their full potential.

5. Regulation Cut

One hairstyle inspired by the military culture and features longish proportions is called a regulation cut. A regulation cut, traditionally known for its side parting, is an excellent idea for business people who need their hair to be well-tamed but don’t want to shave all of their hair off in the process. This is because a regulation cut is known for its side parting.

 For this particular hairstyle, the parting should be done very precisely using the corner of a comb; additionally, you should remember to use a product with a stronger hold or hairspray to keep everything in its proper place.

6. Military Cut

This one is for gentlemen who appreciate the military hairstyles worn in the past. The finish given to your hair differentiates variations of this cut and the other cuts that are discussed in this article from one another. This hairdo typically consists of a side part, but a high-gloss gel hair product is required to achieve an authentic look that pays homage to the past.

 Experiment with having longer hair on top and then styling it appropriately with a gel product to capture the essence of the military uniforms worn in the past.

7. Flat Top

The height of the flat top is concentrated at the crown, but the hair is styled to stand on end and is shaved in a straight across the direction, lending credence to the ‘flat’ part of its name. Your natural hair texture will be the most critical factor in determining how well this hairstyle works for you. 

Consider incorporating some texture into your mane if you have thicker, fuller hair, as this will help soften the appearance of the flat top and make it appear less harsh. In addition, keep in mind that you should modify this cut to make it more contemporary. One great example would be to use various products with different textures to create looks that will look fashionable and contemporary.

8. High and Tight

Because the high and tight style relies heavily on the cut, you need to make sure you visit a reliable barber who is skilled at blending hair and familiar with your face proportions. Experimentation is the key to success; determine which features you want to highlight and make your cuts accordingly.


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