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The 10 Finest Short Haircuts for Men You Should Consider Trying in 2023

Please keep the back and sides to a short length. Since the beginning of time, it has been the default setting for men’s hair. There has been the occasional outlier, such as Jesus, Jason Momoa, or pretty much anyone from the 1970s, but if you’re a man in this day and age, chances are good that you’re sporting a close-cropped hairstyle.

Although it may appear straightforward, the term “short” refers to a wide variety of distinct styles, each of which is governed by a unique set of guidelines. Finding the right option can be challenging at times. When it comes to face shape, styling, and everything else that goes along with it, there are more factors to consider than most people realize. Because of this, we have compiled all of the necessary information and visual ideas and put them in one easy-to-access location.

You’ll find everything you need in Ape’s ultimate short haircut guide, whether you’re curious about what hair trends to jump on this year or need visual cues to nudge your barber in the right direction. Ape’s ultimate short haircut guide can be found here.

Definitions of Common Short Haircut Terms

Before continuing this conversation, you must be familiar with short-hair terminology. It will assist you in deciding what you want and help your barber provide you with what you want. When it comes to getting the axe, here are some of the terms you should be familiar with.


Cutting hair with clippers involves gradually increasing the length of the hair from a concise distance (sometimes down to the skin, in which case it is called a “skin fade”) to one that is somewhat longer. The back and sides of the head are the typical locations for this technique, which is utilized to blend different lengths of hair seamlessly.


Essentially the same as a fade, but with longer lengths of hair. A taper is typically achieved by blending the shorter hair on the back and sides of the head with the longer hair on top of the head using a combination of clippers and scissors.

Taper Fade

The answer can be found in the title. A taper fade is a combination of the techniques described above that allows for the top of the head hair to be graduated from a concise length to a significantly longer length. It is frequently combined with short hairstyles that tend to be on the lengthier side of the spectrum, such as a pompadour or an Ivy League. [Case in point:] [Case in point:]

Shape Up

Have you ever noted the peculiar way Drake’s hair is always perfectly straight and aligned around his hairline? Cutting along the natural hairline and removing stray hairs to create a straight line is called a “shape up,” It is used to describe this type of haircut.


As its name suggests, an undercut is a traditional hairstyle that shortens the head hair’s back and sides, typically by buzzing it and placing it below the longer hair that grows from the top of the head. However, in modern parlance, the term is frequently used to refer to any style in which the back and sides of the head are cut to a significantly shorter length than the top.


This describes how a person’s hair is cut into two distinct lengths, neither blended nor graduated. For instance, you might overhear someone discussing a “disconnected undercut.” [Citation needed] This is a style in which the back and sides of the head are cut extremely short, and the top of the head has longer hair, but there is no taper or fade used to connect the two sections of hair.

How to Determine the Best Short Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

When getting a new short haircut, you first should consider whether or not you like the style. The second consideration is whether it will complement your face’s contours.

The good news is that short haircuts can be styled in various ways. They sit close to the head and don’t add much height, which is beneficial if you have a long face because it makes your face look even longer. Individuals with rectangular faces should steer clear of hairstyles that involve a quiff or a pompadour at all costs because the extra hair on top can elongate the face’s appearance.

On the other hand, if you have a round head, short hairstyles with a small height on top can help you achieve proportional harmony. Try your hair in a pompadour cut with short sides and proximity to the head. If you don’t want your head to look like a golf ball, steer clear of buzz cuts.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be given an oval face, there aren’t many things that you can’t wear on your face because it’s such a versatile shape. Run amok.

Important Short Hairstyles for Men to Consider

Put an end to it all.

The good news is that you can now enjoy those extra ten blissful minutes in bed each morning. The type of trimming that requires the least amount of upkeep is currently prevalent and has been for many years. It didn’t matter if it was high and tight like Becks or all out and buzzed like Zayn Malik; down-to-the-bone trims were currently all the rage. There is no way that they could ever go out of style.

Those who have noticed that they are becoming more narrow at the top will benefit tremendously from this trend. A close shave will always look better than a wispy combover, and cutting the hair short makes it look like it has more volume.

Everything Depends on the Texture

When it comes to hair, having a good texture is just as important as having a good style, especially when dealing with shorter haircuts. When there is less length available, choppy scissor work and a well-placed product will significantly affect the overall outcome.

Styles with many different textures have been popular for a while now, and you can see them everywhere, from the red carpet to the high street. A matte clay and a sea salt spray are two of the best tools that you can use to help you achieve the desired look. Of course, getting a good haircut is the most crucial step in the process. The second should be utilized for styling, while the first should be used while blow-drying.

Everything should be Undercut

Peaky Blinders has a lot of responsibility when it comes to men’s fashion in the mainstream in the 2010s. However, while we will gladly avoid the unironic flat caps and the unfortunate return of braces, the hair is something we can get behind.

The combination of a French crop and disconnected undercut will be remembered as the haircut that best exemplified the ten years. Because of their widespread use, undercut hairstyles are now among the most frequently searched hairstyles on Google and among the clients who visit their local barbershop the most often.

Don’t Mess It Up

The kinds of haircuts your mother would approve of, such as crew cuts, Ivy Leagues, and high and tights, are also the trims considered the coolest in town. Some of the most stylish men in Hollywood, such as Gyllenhaal, Gosling, and Reynolds, have been adopting this look, thereby establishing it as a phenomenon in the world of tonsorial design.

If you can’t show up to the office sporting a disconnected undercut or a bleach-blonde buzz cut, opting for a neat and classic hairstyle is an excellent way to stay in the good books of your boss without sacrificing your style credentials. This is especially true if you have a short hairstyle.

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