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The Best 10 Earrings for Mens to Wear in 2023

Enhance your style with earrings for mens. Ear bling is back in style for men. You have options, whether you have your ears pierced, are considering it, or want something less permanent. Studs, hoops, tunnels, and more This trend works best with earrings that match your style and occasion. Doing so keeps you from looking like a rebellious teenager.

Best Men’s Earrings

Male Studs

Studs are the most common piercing earring. Stud earrings have a straight post and a clasp at the back. It’s ideal for beginners. It’s simple, but not boring. White gold, sterling silver, surgical plastic, and platinum studs come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a silver ball, triangle, diamond, or sapphire crown.

Male Hoop Earrings

Hoops, like studs, are versatile men’s earrings. They sit flat against your neck, making them more comfortable. This makes sleeping in them easier. Go pirate-style with a big hoop. A gold or silver mid-size and thick hoop adds charming roguishness. Discreet earrings are called “Huggies.” These thinner, closer-to-the-ear hoops are thicker. Sleepers are thin, modest, and great for sleeping.

Men’s Dangly Earrings

Dangling earrings are bold. This look is bolder than hoops or studs, but it looks great on confident men. Dangly earrings have endless styles. A simple cross, silver chains, or feathers and pearls are options. Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, and Neymar Jr. can inspire this style. Dangly earrings require some considerations. Some styles are heavy. Long-term wear can stretch your lobe hole. It may also be inappropriate for work due to its embellished look.

Men’s Novelty Earrings

Novelty earrings are fun. With thousands of options, you’ll likely find something you like. Choose a giant safety pin or a cute green dinosaur earring. Personality and occasion will determine your choice. Don’t wear novelty accessories to work. However, use weekends, date nights, boys’ weekends, and casual workplaces to showcase your unique personality.

Male Flesh tunnels

Tunnels are scary. This piercing is more advanced. Gauging up takes time, patience, and discomfort, and the effects are irreversible without plastic surgery. Before you commit, remember that the extreme look may not be accepted in the workplace. It can look good on the right man with the right aesthetic. Over time, thicker earrings stretch the earlobe. To avoid infection, damage, and blowouts, all methods require high hygiene. After sizing them, you can wear hollow tunnels or filled plugs.

Male Clip-On Earrings

Clip-on earrings are great for men who want earrings but don’t want piercings. It’s also ideal for workplaces that ban men’s piercings. These versatile earrings can mimic most other styles. First, non-permanent earrings use clips or magnets. Second, hoops, studs, dangly earrings, tapered earrings, and even plug-like earrings are options. Like regular earrings, they come in many materials. Clip-on and magnet earrings are lighter. Thus, finding a luxurious or heavy material may be difficult.

Taper earrings are perfect for edgy men. It’s fashionable or functional. Tapers stretch earlobes for tunnels and plugs. Faux tapers look good without stretching your ear. Styles vary. Most are conical, like spikes. Spirals, circles, and crescents follow. Finally, elaborate shapes like anchors, hooks, and birds are available. Tapers, like tunnels, are extreme and not for everyone. To be socially appropriate, you may need to consider when and where you wear this look.

Male Barbell Earrings

Barbells are only worn in cartilage piercings. They’re often used in your tragus, rook, helix, or daith. Barbell gauges can be worn in the lobes, but they are usually larger. A cartilage piercing requires a few considerations. First, needles are safer than piercing guns, so these are done in specialty studios. The needle passes through cartilage, not flesh, so the healing process is different. Finally, for any modification, research a qualified practitioner with good reviews. Request a consultation before piercing.

Men’s Gold Earrings

Gold earrings are elegant. They enhance the warmth and vibrancy of olive and dark skin. Choose a gold stud or a chic hoop. Gold novelty earrings are more common than plugs and tassels because of their royal hue. Gold jewelry is more expensive, but it doesn’t rust or tarnish and is easier to carve intricate designs.

Yedo Astmastmastmastmasticle

Diamond earrings add glitz. Simple diamond studs look great with suits and on special occasions. This suits Michael B. Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo. Like Lil Nas X’s 2019 MTV Video Music Awards outfit, special events may require large diamond-encrusted hoops or snakes. Diamonds, like frosting, can quickly become extravagant. Thus, occasion, outfit, and style must be considered. A date night at a fancy restaurant will suit the look, but your boss may not.

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