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There’s a Good Reason Why the Lululemon ABC Pants Are Considered a Cult Classic

Lulu lemon loves naming a product. These monikers, which can include things like “Surge,” “Fast and Free,” and “License to Train,” are frequently a pretty obvious nod to the performance-oriented nature of the clothing. However, other items, such as the Fundamental T-Shirt, get their names from, well, the fundamental nature of the item itself.

 They tell us that these are the essential pieces that should be in everyone’s closet because they are the foundation of any wardrobe. If you came across something with the name “ABC Pants” and thought, “Well, it doesn’t get any more fundamental than the first three letters of the alphabet,” and stopped there, I wouldn’t blame you; the name appears to adhere to an established convention. In this particular instance, however, “ABC” refers to something else. Specifically? “Protection against ball crushing.” Okay. Fun.

I may be in the minority here, but I must confess that crushed balls do not typically disrupt my day-to-day life significantly. After donning a pair of jeans or chinos, I will lament the condition of my testicles for an insignificant amount of time, if at all. Just me? I truly pray that it is not. But despite this, I’ve grown to truly appreciate the ABC Pants because, in the process of trying to solve a problem that I never really had, Lululemon has done something else: they’ve created a brilliant, performance-minded riff on the five-pocket pant that you can easily pull on every day without sacrificing comfort. 

It should therefore come as no surprise that they have amassed a legion of devoted fans. My bet? You are about to become one of their numbers.

To Begin, the Unavoidable Fact

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but we will have to continue talking about balls for a while longer. Although I continue to be adamant that there is nothing egregiously wrong with the traditional construction of a pair of pants—that is, the “four corners” of intersecting seams that you will find at the base of the crotch—the ABC Pant does feature a clever, if not entirely novel, a bit of engineering that is a gusset. 

This additional panel of fabric at the crotch might be your savior if you’re having trouble finding space for your gear, even though it’s in the crotch. But even if your life before ABC Pants wasn’t dominated by squished nuts, you’ll still value the longevity that comes with adding a gusset because it offers another benefit you’ll appreciate. This gusset will make your pants last longer and protect you from the dreaded “crotch blowout” that causes many pairs of jeans to be thrown away. 

It will do this by reducing the amount of tension placed on the fabric and removing seams from an area that experiences high levels of abrasion.

Next Up is Something Completely Unexpected

Let’s move past the stated selling point of the ABC Pants and onto all the clever little details that make them more than just a gimmick. Balls uncrushed for one reason or another; let’s move past the stated selling point of the ABC Pants. Consider, for example, the concealed zipper on the back pocket, which provides additional protection for storing valuables such as a phone or wallet. 

Or the reflective taping on the outseam of the pants that is hidden until the wearer rolls up the cuffs, which gives the pants a more put-together appearance while also increasing the wearer’s visibility in low-light conditions. Or, for that matter, the fabric itself, whether it is Lululemon’s stretchy and super-soft Warpstreme material or the more rugged, abrasion-resistant (and still flexible!) Utilitech fabric. 

When you put all of this together, you’ll have a pair of pants that are versatile enough to wear for almost any occasion.

And to Wrap Things up, a few words about Style

Did you know that some of the earliest pairs of blue jeans featured details like suspender buttons and fabric straps at the back to help cinch them more securely on the wearer’s waist? You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if the answer is no because, since those early days, jeans have evolved into something simpler and more streamlined. Five pockets. Belt loops. 

Typically a zipper fly is used. Because of how well these characteristics perform in both a practical and an aesthetic capacity, they have made up one of the pant styles that has endured the longest in the history of modern fashion.

 The five-pocket pant is the foundation of the ABC Pant. Even though it incorporates several subtle updates and improvements, it remains consistent with this design in any fundamental way. That may seem trivial, but in this day and age, when most athleisure pants feel compelled to break the mold, having a choice that feels different but looks completely familiar is a huge deal. And this alone is sufficient justification to convince you to purchase a set for yourself, regardless of how your balls currently feel.

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